Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is Benjamin Moore?

Last and this weekend I undertook a painting project in my townhouse. The stock 'builder beige' was altogether too bland and speckled with scuff marks. It was exciting to shop for color and create my own palette. Choosing just the right formula brings out a new visual dimension which adds tremendously to my house's warmth. The walls now 'reflect' personality. (Great pun, right? Technically, the paint's pigments absorb certain wavelengths upon reflection.)

My design was to segment the living room from the kitchen/dining room with different colors. My downstairs floor plan is open, but I've been able to create a much different feel within each area. I hope to paint more rooms and hallways as time goes marches onward. I am very satisfied with my color choice, but I will not publish the details at this point. I may in the future. My selection in brand, however, is no secret. I highly recommend Benjamin Moore paints. Their quality is well worth the premium whether you're doing the job yourself or hiring someone else. As a non-professional, I found the paint to be very forgiving, coating extremely well. Two thin coats worked great, blending together the rolled areas with the perimeter brush strokes ('cut in').

Now we arrive at the Final Jeopardy clue of the day:
Warren Buffett (likely) chose this brand of paint for his corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

For those who didn't know, Benjamin Moore & Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.


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