Saturday, July 21, 2007

National Chaio Tung University

An update from Taiwan is long past overdue. I have settled in an apartment adjacent to National Chaio Tung University. It has a great view. (Code for: I’m on the top/5th floor, and there’s no elevator.) Jason, who worked with my lab at Duke for a year, has recently graduated. He has been attending to some errands the past couple weeks and is off to serve his military training requirement next week. He has introduced me to his lab, and they have been incredibly helpful showing me the basics for life at NCTU. In the past couple weeks, I’ve wandered around our campus here and visited downtown. Inspired by the success of Harry Potter night and the SIT farewell party, the crew met up for an evening of KTV (karaoke) last weekend. It was much fun. In the coming weeks I will explore other areas of Taiwan. I also have booked a flight to visit Japan August 3-7.



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