Saturday, July 07, 2007

SIT Rocks

My first week in Taiwan was great. A dozen college students prepared a wonderful orientation for the approximately 20 American and Canadian students studying here for the summer. We spent the past week getting to know Taiwan and have formed great friendships in the process. Collectively, the staff spoke English very well and communication was quite smooth overall. Some expressions sounded foreign but made complete sense. Especially amusing for me, we were asked to "upload the bus with our luggage". There were also the typical language differences between Team Canada and Team USA. You should know exactly what I'm talk 'about'.

There are so many interesting aspects of life here to compare and contrast. On the bus, as one of the students shared his engagement video you heard identically initial reactions from each group of girls that was watching. (Conversations quickly diverged.) The spoken language and characters are basically all foreign, but some English bands are scattered. The orientation's SIT 2007 photo share is still being developed, but I will try to create a photo essay as things become available. Here's a photo I took at the farewell party at the end of the orientation.



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